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Everything you need to take your business online and achieve its true potential.We transform your business into a beautiful, engaging online shopping experience.

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Big Data

Big data is changing the way organizations are run. Data driven insights help industries optimize workflows, increase efficiency and improve customer engagement...

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Mobile APP's

Span give you a broad spectrum of mobile application development across multiple platforms ranging from customer specific requirements to B2B services.

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Digital Marketing

Only exceptional creative / content will get you visibility (Audience with) in front of your leads. We'll help you achieve maximum lead generation with our excellent copy and our expertise in digital marketing through targeted campaigns on various channels.

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Education is an endless sector. Bridging all perspectives of entities, processes, deals and domains is an open challenge for institutions. With expertise custom crafted ERP softwares, one tap mobile solution / analytics and counter intuitive MOOC platforms, shoot your rankings to topmost spot.

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Performance Engineering / Monitoring Platform

Our Product helps you to determine the performance of your system to measure, validate quality attributes of the system like responsiveness, Speed, Scalability, Stability.

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ECommerce & Order fulfilment

all-in-one solution.

Span provides feature-rich ecommerce solution.

Omni-channel experiences

Whether you sell on your site or social media or marketplaces, our simple and intuitive CMS helps you handle and process sales on multiple channels with ease.

Fully customisable online store

We will help you craft a delightful shopping experience that you dream up and with intuitive and captivating interface designs. Customise everything from the colour schemes to layouts.

Sophisticated E-Commerce

Our fully featured online store helps your import and manage the products on the storefront effortlessly. Organise your products seamlessly across various customisable categories on the store with appropriate SEO product tags.

High scalability

Starting out as a budding entrepreneur hoping to grow to an e-commerce juggernaut? Our highly scalable e-commerce solution is capable of intelligently adapting to any amounts of traffic that your store may draw.

Big Data

A Real-time, Analystic, and Search are the key domains of big data.

We help you to discover how big data can transform your business and gain a competing edge..

Data Movement - Cloud & IT Predictions

With the tech world floating on data lakes with massive repositories, migrating data on cloud would be an optimum solution for cost effective storage and better insights for businesses of all sizes. We offer highly secure and robust cloud migration solutions to ensure your business stays functioning and all you would need is Internet access .

Predictive Analytics

The best thing you could possibly have is to predict future! With machines communicating we give you a virtual forecast of your stocks, shares, revenues, scalability and results of your business with state of the art predictive analytics in various verticals on smart agriculture, healthcare, software and much more...

Content Analytics

Content Analytics Data is the biggest asset of Y2K. The quality of digital content we host talks about our revenue. We offer in-depth reports of actionable e- commerce analytics, blog analytics, DAM methodologies, content health audits and much more...

Customer Analytics

Customers are having a whole new world with the digital carries on various endeavours. With all the way, we give you targeted business ideas with improved personalised customer analytics, predictive customer insights, social media analytics adding value to your business by predicting all aspects of your target audiences....

Mobile Apps

Easy mobile solution by span

When all of us are just hooked to Mobiles, why not give you everything you need on Apps?

Mobile Technologies

1. Android

2. iOS

3. Windows

4. PhoneGap / HTML 5

5. Progressive Web apps

6. Mobile Web

Digital Marketing

Struggling with lead generation?

Only exceptional creative / content will get you visibility (Audience with) in front of your leads. We'll help you achieve maximum lead generation with our excellent copy and our expertise in digital marketing through targeted campaigns on various channels.

Social Media Marketing / Management / Optimisation

Social Media has come to the forefront of avenues of interaction between brands and the customers. These days, brands are starting to be judged based on their social media presence.We develop customised marketing strategies for our clients to grow their audiences on social media platforms, better engage them and drive traffic to the respective websites or apps.


We assess the uniqueness of your business and current perceptions of your industry, and then develop a tailor-made solution to take your brand to the limelight. Our services include:

1. Brand Strategy

2. Web Design and Development

3. Graphic Design

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Search Engine Optimisation

Education -

Change is the end result of all true learning.

School ERP

School management software opens a wide range of opportunities to systematise the laborious paperwork and error prone manual inputs. With our end to end connectivity aided, feature-rich, complete software the management can more effectively interact with the students, teachers and parents as they develop skills and character for success.


learningE - Learning Strategic learning can give you an in-depth knowledge of the Billion planet. We specialise in expanding our learning ideas in all areas of e learning and m learning. Our e-learning development methodologies involve localisation of strategic learning content, migration of books and courses into interactive learning platforms and blended learning.

Faculty skill development

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the future generations. Therefore they need proper guidance to effectively enhance their competencies. Effectiveness and importance of teacher training programs is to propel and improve teacher’s professional abilities in teaching.

Performance engineering and monitoring

Open for innovation and collaboration.



Create your load testing scripts with ease of use User Interface for APIs, Web Apps, WebSocket Messages, IoT Services.


Simulate realistic load on complex applications, and as such it works with the concepts of virtual users, that arrive to use the application in phases.


Large Scale load testing with massive concurrent users.


Analyze the test results provide proper latency, Memory Leaks, Errors, ect...


Configure your Load Test with set of Load Phases and integrate with Continuous Delivery Platform.

SPAN is the place to find all your solutions under one roof.