A Real-time, Analystic, and Search are the key domains of big data.

We help you to discover how big data can transform your business and gain a competing edge..




With the tech world floating on data lakes with massive repositories, migrating data on cloud would be an optimum solution for cost effective storage and better insights for businesses of all sizes. We offer highly secure and robust cloud migration solutions to ensure your business stays functioning and all you would need is Internet access.



Content Analytics Data is the biggest asset of Y2K. The quality of digital content we host talks about our revenue. We offer in-depth reports of actionable e- commerce analytics, blog analytics, DAM methodologies, content health audits and much more...



The best thing you could possibly have is to predict future! With machines communicating we give you a virtual forecast of your stocks, shares, revenues, scalability and results of your business with state of the art predictive analytics in various verticals on smart agriculture, healthcare, software and much more...



Customers are having a whole new world with the digital carries on various endeavours. With all the way, we give you targeted business ideas with improved personalised customer analytics, predictive customer insights, social media analytics adding value to your business by predicting all aspects of your target audiences....